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Monday, 3 May 2010

Truancy AKA bunking off school.

Am sure we have all done it before.
What is truancy? This is an unexcused absence from particular class or the entire school. These absences are against the law because they do not have a formal approval.
Why do Students Play Truant? There are many reasons why students play truant for example: to escape bullying at school, bad relationships with teachers or other instructors, the truant has no interest in school or taking holidays.

The Guardian states that Nearly 230,000 pupils were classified as persistent absentees, meaning they missed more than 20% of school.
There are Consequences of Truancy. According to the Guardian in 2008 government statistics showed that the number of parents jailed for failing to shop their children playing truant has trebled in the past five years.
According to the Guardian the statistics, obtained by the Liberal Democrats, reveal seven parents were imprisoned for the offence in 2003, while 22 were in 2006, the latest available year.
In total, 71 parents were jailed between 2003 and 2006 for not stopping their children persistently avoiding school. Since 2000, parents have faced jail sentences of up to three months for the offence in England and Wales.
In my opinion I think that it is a bit drastic that parents are jailed just because their children are not attending school, for example some parents don’t even know that their children are truanting from school. Even if they did know that their children were not attending school they cannot make their children go to school if they don’t want to go to school parents cannot watch their children twenty four seven. I think that if parents are getting blamed then so should schools. May be f schools had a better system them students would not be truanting.


  1. I agree with Amina when she says it is too drastic to blame parents for their child’s truancy because she makes a valid point that sometimes parents do not know if their child truants. I remember seeing a TV programme where a girl’s mother faced prosecution for her truancy from school- even though the mother made sure her daughter went through the gate. Personally, I don't see why the mother of the child was prosecuted. I think it is wrong to punish the parents. I think Amina also made a really good point that if the parents face the blame then schools should have equal blame. I agree because, Isn't it their job to keep a child safe and in school as well? Overall, I feel Amina has covered this topic really well.

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